Professional Martial Arts Teacher?

NAPMA September 26-28, 2008 in Clearwater, Florida Are you a martial arts professional with your own school? Would you like to be a more successful martial arts professional with your own school? The second-most heartbreaking conversations I have with certain friends always revolve around the classic mistake of running a martial arts school like a quirky hobby […]

Hakim's New Dojo

My long-time friend Hakim Isler has returned to civilian life after more than a year in the sands of Iraq as a member of the U.S. Army. Hakim’s combat experiences have made him even more determined to share the SKH Quest To-Shin martial art and 14-point Code of Mindful Action with as many people as […]

Advanced Black Belt Testing Summer '08

Our Summer ’08 Advanced Black Belt training and testing seminar was an especially important event. Yes, as always, participants came from all across the USA, from California to Florida. Yes, as always, training was intense, and included a super-session of full group feedback. And yes, it was wonderful to see two long-distance students with a […]

Ninja Mind and Determination

Rumiko and Stephen K. Hayes with daughter Marissa and her Grandmother Carolyn on graduation day in front of Marissa’s senior project – the creation of a “Rumi” brand of women’s martial arts wear based in style, comfort, and inspiration Let’s explore dreams and determination and the ninja will to win. My daughter Marissa just graduated […]

Palden Sakya Lamas in Dayton

My dear friends Lama Pema Wangdak of New York Palden Sakya Centers, and Lama Kunga Dhondup, ritual master of Pema Ts’al School in Pokhara, Nepal, joined us in Dayton for an initiation and teaching in the spiritual practice of White Tara longevity meditation. SKH Quest Center instructors travelled from as far away as Florida, Colorado, and […]

Old Seeker, Young Master

Today is Losar Tibetan New Year, and I am living at the Sakya Pema Ts’al Monastic Institute at the foot of the wall of mountains that is the Himalayas, just outside Pokhara, Nepal, south of the forbidden Tibet border. I came here with three Black Belt friends from the SKH Quest Center Hombu Dojo in […]