Piercing Through Obstacles to Fulfillment

Friends have asked me about some of the techniques that keep me intrigued with my Tibetan teachers who share with me their ageless lore of the Dorje Phurba “demon-defeating dagger”. Are you up for trying out an exercise? The phurba dagger is a very real tool – a 3-edged blade like the famous commando daggers […]

iNinja Steve Jobs?

A funny story hit the news today, in which it was reported by Japanese magazine SPA that Steve Jobs had some metal ninja shuriken throwing stars confiscated by the Japanese version of TSA security as he boarded his private jet back to America from Kyoto. Minutes after the story broke, I was phoned by reporter […]

What is Your Training Goal?

Two men train to win fights. One fights to beat other men and receive glory and treasure. He fights for himself. The other fights when forced to defend those who are wrongfully endangered. He fights for others. Both are fighters. Is one more noble than the other? There is certainly a place in martial arts […]

Place for To-Shin Do in NYC

I am working with long-time friend Leo Dokutoshi Pimentel to re-establish a dojo in NYC. Interested in helping start a place for To-Shin Do in Manhattan? Kick-off was a workshop 2-4 pm Sunday Aug 8 at a friend’s aikido dojo in Chelsea, covering secrets for ninja “unperceived action” in unarmed defense, and a mind & […]

Miracle Learning in Impossible Classrooms

I opened my seminar in Tournai, Belgium, this morning with the observation that there are 3 key aspects present when any lesson, class, or seminar is truly to be of value to the learners. There needs to be: Caring teacher who loves seeing learners advance, knowledgeable and tuned in to the importance of providing a […]

4 "Magical Legs" of Intention Direction

I am in Las Vegas today speaking to the Martial Arts Industry Association (MAIA), 1,500 professional martial arts school owners and instructors. My topic is “Taking Care of the Master”, and I am offering four suggestions for overcoming professional burnout. So often, a professional martial arts teacher spends so much time and energy encouraging his […]

One Way Dojos Collapse

I was asked by a friend, “You said most of the top seniors you used to train with in your teacher’s dojo in Japan in the 1970s are no longer training in that teacher’s dojo. Why do so many top skilled students in the martial arts training hall so often leave the dojo once the […]

Perfecting Wisdom for Your Review

The Dalai Lama teaching on the Heart Sutra was live-stream broadcast on the internet and taped for later viewing. You can find all 3 teaching sections – each one well over 2 hours – on-line at http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/6858067 Session 1 has a no-sound glitch for the first 12 minutes. You get to “watch me talk” as […]