Paramita and the Perfection of Wisdom

“Shi-kin Hara-mitsu Dai-ko-myo” is our training hall motto. Inherited from my martial arts teacher in Japan and his teacher before him, it is an inspirational phrase we shout in front of the kamiza to start and close SKH Quest To-Shin Do Level 3 and Level 4 classes. I have translated the phrase as, “Everything I […]

Ninja Assassin and High Integrity

We discussed the movie “Ninja Assassin” in an earlier blog post. I got a lot of strong comments about what the movie was and what it could have been. Did you get a copy of the “Ninja Assassin” movie on Blu-Ray? Be sure you check the “Additional Features” section on the menu. Blu-Ray only; not […]

Earthquake Victims in Tibet

April 14 was Rumiko’s and my 30th wedding anniversary. We celebrated with joy and then were dismayed to hear about the Tibetan earthquake tragedy that day. More than 1,700 people have died and an estimated 10,000 mostly ethnic Tibetans were injured and left homeless in near-freezing temperatures after an earthquake struck a region of Kham, […]

Teacher Teaches by Doing

Here’s a brief follow-up to my admonition to remember to include greenery on your martial arts dojo kamidana spirit shelf. A few friends wrote and chided me for not personally teaching them what they needed on that shelf. “How are we supposed to know? We didn’t live all those years in Japan like you did,” […]

Warrior Winners Make for Great Parties

Daughter Reina is the safest happy girl in Atlantic City between friends Chuck Zito (see him on “Entourage” with Dennis Hopper?) and Dan Severn (see him win the UFC TV cagefight championship?), our neighbors on the Action Martial Arts Hall of Fame celebrity table aisle A business friend recently asked how my family was doing, […]

Why Ethical Leadership?

I told my friend Jack Hoban that I am getting a lot of questions from my friends about our up-coming ethical leadership seminar. Martial arts practitioners and spiritual seekers alike want to know why I have chosen to make such a boldly different move in my presentation for this event. I tell my friends I […]

Ethical Leadership Returns to Fashion

My perception is that we are in the midst of one of the lowest points we have ever experienced in the world when it comes to demonstrated noble big-vision leadership. When I say “we” I mean all of us alive now, from the newest baby to the seniormost life veteran. Whatever happened to ethics? Whatever […]

Shamefully Naked Kamiza

Here’s a trivial note for friends with martial arts schools that feature a Japanese-style kamiza “spirit focal point” shelf on the main wall of their training space. As described in the book Enlightened Self Protection, a kamiza can be compared to the family mantelpiece tradition familiar to American and European homes. As the mantel holds […]