Mountain Quest 2011

80 dedicated To-Shin Do practitioners gathered for our 12th annual Mountain Quest seminar with An-shu Stephen K. Hayes and hosts Richard Shuntoshi Stack and Hardee Hakutoshi Merritt, along with guest instructors Mike Dentoshi Ford, Hakim Intoshi Isler, and Dennis Fuutoshi Mahoney on Grandfather Mountain in North Carolina. Participants traveled in from To-Shin Do training halls […]

The Real You Emerges

New students may wonder why we put so much emphasis on making a commitment to long-term training goals in the dojo. Why not just go lesson to lesson, continuing on as long as each class is entertaining and provides some new trick or secret to learn? It turns out that authentic martial arts training provides […]

How Real is Your Reality Training?

Through consistently realistic martial arts training we become familiar with how attacks happen. Such a training program must be far bigger than just learning techniques. Through simulation training where an aggressor comes at us and we do not know what will happen until it happens, we become more sensitive to an attacker’s intent. We learn […]

Supposed to Make It Count

I had sort of figured this out by age 9. I felt caught in the trap of the game with no idea what I should do. I just trailed along uncomfortably through my teens and early 20s. Then I left for Japan at 25 and my life blossomed. “Oh-ho! So that was what I was […]