Winter Quest 2011

An-shu Stephen K. Hayes was in Chapel Hill, North Carolina to teach his most recent “Nine Cuts-Nine Powers” seminar. Students from all over the country gathered to study classical spear technique and unarmed fighting defenses based on principles learned through the spear training examples. The weekend also featured exploration of the Kuji 2 mind science […]

Happy in Your Home and Dojo

On Rumiko’s and my 31st wedding anniversary, a young friend asked for advice on how to create the happiest home possible with a life partner. This sort of thing is not my special knowledge power area; after 31 years I still tell people I was just very fortunate in getting the wife I did – […]

大 金 剛 輪DAI KONGO RIN “Great Vajra Wheel”

This is a very temporary post for those attending my NINE CUTS – NINE POWERS Winter Quest seminar in North Carolina. This also appears with an explanation in the SKH Quest Hombu Dojo On-Line Community. NA-MA-KU Namah Homage SHI-CHI-RI YA-JI-BI-KYA NAN try-adhvikanam to the three worlds of SA-RU-BA TA-TA-GYA-TA NAN sarva tathagatanam all Enlightened Ones! […]

The Seeker's Path with No End

“The more I know, the higher I climb, but the mountain just grows taller. The more I learn, the further I search, but the valley just grows deeper. I see no finish ahead. Such is the path of my life.” …a motto for me, an honored present from a much-older martial master friend, adapted by […]

New Hampshire Celebration

An-shu Stephen and An-shu Rumiko Hayes brought their “Nine Cuts – Nine Powers” 2011 teaching theme to Plaistow, New Hampshire, to celebrate the dedication of the Shinobi Martial Arts dojo. Over 70 practitioners gathered to share training with An-shu Stephen and An-shu Rumiko and hosts Dennis Fuutoshi Mahoney, Theresa Murphy, and Darryl Brazee. Guest instructors […]

One Woman's Progress on the Path

Here is some important insight from the heart as to what it feels like to challenge yourself mentally and physically in the martial arts training hall. Man or woman, we can all have these periods of doubt and then make breakthroughs if we are brave enough to ask the disturbing questions. At one point in […]

Why Jane Studies To-Shin Do

At Boulder, Colorado, SKH Quest Center, one-third of the students are women – different from the national perception of martial arts being a male endeavor. So, what inspires girls to study with us? What have they gained? Feeling confident about themselves in any situation – on or off the mat – was a consistent response […]

Smarter Than Struggle

One of the key principles we teach in To-Shin Do for effective defense against an attacker who is bigger, stronger, or more angry than you is the concept of effectively controlling ma-ai “interval” in combat. Though the Japanese term ma-ai usually refers to spatial relationships, there are intervals in time as well, which I will […]

31 Years of Making a Big Difference

Nine Cuts – Nine Powers! Festival 31 is a celebration of over three decades of making an impact for good in our world, and a warm gathering of the warriors who have carried the vows for all these years. We train in effective intelligent martial arts to create more peace, security, and joy for everyone. […]