How Real Was "Ninja Assassin"?

Some friends asked me what I thought of the movie Ninja Assassin. “So how real was it?” some asked. “Real? What can I say? It was a real movie, and it was about ninja assassins,” was all I could reply. “No, I mean is that what ninjutsu really looks like? How real was the stuff […]

My First Vow on the Warrior Path

Have you ever felt powerless to make the right thing happen as you watched a terrible injustice unfold right in front of you? Walking home from middle school with a friend, we found ourselves surrounded by the gang of the cruelest violent predator at our school. This guy was no mere bully. A 26-felony teen, […]

Should We Goat Starers Be Offended?

I can’t decide whether to see the movie “Men Who Stare at Goats” It purports to be a story about a spooky special program of psychic warriors in the US Army, trained like Jedi warriors for combat in Vietnam and reinstated for Iraq duty. From the trailer and information from friends in the movie business, […]