Battlefield Training in Chapel Hill

Hardee Merritt, Chief Instructor of Chapel Hill Quest Center, says: “What an amazing, life transforming weekend! The evidence was in the dojo Monday night. After an entire weekend training outdoors, grappling with sticks, being thrown in the mud, the classes were packed and everyone was super motivated! Thank you An-shu for a wonderful weekend!” An-shu […]

Classical Ninja Bojutsu Training

九 字 の 棒 第 二 法 Kuji No Bo Dai Ni Ho (“2nd Method”) Most of our classical ninja martial arts weapon training takes place in our special seminar series classes on Thursday evening. Here is a description of a fight training exercise from the Advanced Long Saff set. For coaching and personal instruction […]

Always a Question Ready to Go

My habit is never to meet a knowledgeable teacher without having a good question in mind, just in case I am given the opportunity to ask. Rumiko and I traveled to the city of Tajimi municipal dojo for a demonstration of Yagyu Shinkage Ryu sword by Mouri Keisuke and his small group of students on […]