Place for To-Shin Do in NYC

I am working with long-time friend Leo Dokutoshi Pimentel to re-establish a dojo in NYC. Interested in helping start a place for To-Shin Do in Manhattan? Kick-off was a workshop 2-4 pm Sunday Aug 8 at a friend’s aikido dojo in Chelsea, covering secrets for ninja “unperceived action” in unarmed defense, and a mind & […]

Miracle Learning in Impossible Classrooms

I opened my seminar in Tournai, Belgium, this morning with the observation that there are 3 key aspects present when any lesson, class, or seminar is truly to be of value to the learners. There needs to be: Caring teacher who loves seeing learners advance, knowledgeable and tuned in to the importance of providing a […]

4 "Magical Legs" of Intention Direction

I am in Las Vegas today speaking to the Martial Arts Industry Association (MAIA), 1,500 professional martial arts school owners and instructors. My topic is “Taking Care of the Master”, and I am offering four suggestions for overcoming professional burnout. So often, a professional martial arts teacher spends so much time and energy encouraging his […]