Another Day at Work

Here’s Rumiko on the beach south of Ancona, Italy, on the Adriatic coast. The young Italian couple in the water are collecting bags of mussels that they will sell to restaurants along the coast. Another Tuesday morning working for a living for them. Look where they have chosen to work. Look what they have chosen […]

What You Resist May Save You

Our To-Shin Do martial art was developed from the original combat methods of the Togakure ninja of Japan. One of our hallmarks is an educational process that incorporates an understanding of psycho-emotional influences described by a series of five element-nicknamed patterns. The water element describes a tendency to put distance between self and others in […]

Ninja Cool in the Flames of Hell's Kitchen

Have you seen my niece Sabrina on the Tuesday night Fox network Hell’s Kitchen television reality competition hosted by London super chef Gordon Ramsey? Three episodes into the intensely high-pressure series, and Sabrina is holding her own. None of us – not even close family members like this loving uncle who blessed her vows in […]