REAL Value of To-Shin Do

In looking at how we promote To-Shin Do, have we identified a problem that we solve? What is the problem that calls out for To-Shin Do study to solve?

Maybe the problem is combat sports that do not really reflect street reality? They are either stylized art forms not really suited to self defense, or crude systems of violence not at all suited to self development.

Hey, someone has to be true to why the martial arts were established in the first place. Is that us as To-Shin Do?

How do we draw people’s attention favorably towards what we offer? How do we reach people beyond those merely interested in classical ninja martial arts? How do we become more mainstream and less limited?

Have we demonstrated incredible value, so much so that prospective students would feel stupid not starting To-Shin Do?

Are we the only ones who address this persistent problem? “People cannot find a realistic system of combat that teaches secrets for winning against bigger rougher assailants, while at the same time, teaching how to be a brighter more commanding more noble person.”

Self Development through Self Protection, I call it.

Of course, some martial arts pretend to this claim. But very few deliver.

Unfortunately, lots of martial arts enjoy the allure of the “bad boy” who kicks ass and takes names (but tragically whose life is completely out of whack; a sad and crude pumped-up but broken man looking futilely for “respect” – which he will never find).

We build the whole person with a very practical martial art with inner and outer lessons. You change and grow and evolve as a person through more and more effective martial arts training with us.

So, how do we market that? 

How do we address that very real benefit? 

THAT is our burning question.

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