Kiri Sage

Think you know the Kiri Sage series from the Happo Biken sword secrets handed down by Toshitsugu Takamatsu? Odds are you really don’t. Did you know it is something much more important than a simple and easy sword kata as too many people teach it today? Did you know it is a very advanced principle […]

December 2011 Graduation

Our final graduation celebration of 2011 was a rousing riot of fast-made decisions under pressure, way unfair size advantages against the smaller people, and a few spontaneous totally unexpected gang attacks aimed at seniors with lots of stripes on their black belts – all chaotic just the way all the Dayton Quest Center members like […]

Martial Arts Teaching for the Future

One reality I see over and over at martial arts business conventions is crowds of young proficient martial artists in on the latest martial fad and hoping to earn a living providing good training for their communities, but lacking in a crucial double-edged necessity. They lack a seasoned mature presence, and they lack an inspiring […]


Kai-Soku “Water-scoop footwork” Move at just the right moment into just the right space to evade the aggressor’s speed, power, leverage, and momentum. Place yourself at an angle that puts you out of reach. The aggressor then attempts a logical follow-up. You catch his next move once again with the timing and positioning needed to […]