December 2011 Graduation

Our final graduation celebration of 2011 was a rousing riot of fast-made decisions under pressure, way unfair size advantages against the smaller people, and a few spontaneous totally unexpected gang attacks aimed at seniors with lots of stripes on their black belts – all chaotic just the way all the Dayton Quest Center members like it!

In addition to all the new belts, Alan Pitts was awarded his Trainer crest, and Leslie Tom was surprised when An-Shu Stephen gave her his gold handled training knife as a present in salute for her recruiting so many new students to the dojo. After the demonstrations and awards, the dojo community all shared a grand buffet of home made snacks and deserts, took lots of souvenir photos, engaged in wonderful conversations instead of hits and chokes, and Alan’s dance and Tom’s impromptu magic show were popular hits.

Aren’t you glad you are a part of all this?

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  1. to-shindo vant e coach pleaz

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