Ethical Leadership Returns to Fashion

My perception is that we are in the midst of one of the lowest points we have ever experienced in the world when it comes to demonstrated noble big-vision leadership. When I say “we” I mean all of us alive now, from the newest baby to the seniormost life veteran. Whatever happened to ethics? Whatever […]

Shamefully Naked Kamiza

Here’s a trivial note for friends with martial arts schools that feature a Japanese-style kamiza “spirit focal point” shelf on the main wall of their training space. As described in the book Enlightened Self Protection, a kamiza can be compared to the family mantelpiece tradition familiar to American and European homes. As the mantel holds […]

Natural Body Weight Fitness Training

I have known fighting and fitness trainer Scott Sonnon for some years, and I am impressed with his work. He has developed a physical fitness program called TACFIT, based on natural body weight movement, as opposed to iron weights or lever/pulley equipment. Over the years, several of my friends have asked me for this kind […]