Natural Body Weight Fitness Training

I have known fighting and fitness trainer Scott Sonnon for some years, and I am impressed with his work.

He has developed a physical fitness program called TACFIT, based on natural body weight movement, as opposed to iron weights or lever/pulley equipment. Over the years, several of my friends have asked me for this kind of information, but that is not really my specialty.

Anyone up for trying this out and sending me your feedback? It is relatively inexpensive, and based on my review of preliminary material, I believe the program looks quite solid.

If interested, get started by clicking here to order your program.

Let me hear your success (or “not”) stories.

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  1. one of my students had buy the program. we study and then we will give our impressions

  2. Here’s an interesting video of some of his training techniques:

  3. An-shu,

    I recently purchased this program after using Mr. Sonnon’s Intu-flow series of joint mobility exercises (which are extremely useful).

    In a nutshell, there are three increasingly difficult levels (Recruit, Grunt, and Commando).

    In each of the levels, there are a series of six body-weight only exercises (and there are three separate routines so you don’t get bored doing the same six exercises…a total of 18 for each level). You can follow along with the videos (which you can watch from your desktop or download to your ipod). Each of the six exercises are done in eight short rounds with minimal rest in between.

    The movements themselves look somewhat like a cross between calisthenics and yoga. Anyone unfamiliar with Mr. Sonnon’s work might find it interesting to watch him on youtube.

    There are all sorts of really great downloads that come as extras depending on which package you purchase. Stuff like healthy recipes for meals which don’t require a lot of culinary expertise.

    I think it will prove to be a great adjunct to budo training. Best of all, you can do the routines anywhere. No equipment necessary!

    In my humble opinion, a great program. I would encourage folks to learn more about Mr. Sonnon.

    Hope this helps!


    Bob Malone
    (Boston, Ma.)

  4. Sir,

    I am a certified Coach in Scott Sonnon’s system and am located not too far away from you near Louisville, KY. If you are interested I would be happy to come up to Dayton and provide you and your students personal TACFIT instruction in order to realize its full benefits. There is much more to the complete system than is presented in this program and I believe you would find it of great interest.
    I have followed your work for many years and would be honored to meet you.
    If you wish to pursue this further I can be contacted here:


  5. I am on day 25 of program one level 1 of TACFIT Commando and I love it.

    To be clear there is a program offered by Coach Sonnon called TACFIT and uses various equipment.

    TACFIT Commando is all body weight and no equipment needed although I think you do need an interval timer like GYMBOSS to make it a snap.

    I have worked with a lot of Coach Sonnon’s CST material and they never disappoint in any way. This program brings a lot of things from various programs together with new exercises into one powerful tool.

    There are three programs and three levels of complexity (difficulty) and each one takes 28 days to complete so that gives you about nine months of work and worth.

    I highly recommend the program.


  6. I love Scott’s work! It’s amazing stuff, cutting edge, concise and as deep as you want to go. Shows you how to train hard and be more fit without hurting your health. Forget blowing out your joints, this is sustainable exercise.

  7. I love the manner in which you have discussed this particular topic. Very discerning.
    I look forward to perusing other comments about fitness and To-Shin Do.

  8. Hershel Walker used this type of training while playing college football for Georgia Bulldogs. He was a powerhouse! Hershel later went onto the NFL. Now competes on UFC. I read this when I was in the 8th grade in a Sports Illustrated Magazine in the early 80’s. Even though I am not familiar with the training routine mentioned, using ones own weight to get fit is not new.

  9. I forgot to mention in my earlier comment that Bruce Lee was way above the fitness training curve. He developed what we call today circuit training. Plus many other training/fitness technics people are using today calling them cutting edge. I will check out Scott’s tacfit program. Curious if this cutting edge new or reintroducing an older training system

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