1984 Ninja Night Warriors

Let’s go way back in time, back to the early 1980s. Think of a time when there was no internet, no DVD, no self-publishing, no MP3, no YouTube. Old enough to remember such a time? We had magazines. We had books. Those were my only possible channels for getting word out to the world that […]


Kuij literally translates as “nine letter-words”. The reference comes from a nine-word sentence of Chinese language origin that summons up the ninja’s powers to deal with obstacles and opposition. I describe it in my book Ninja Vol 3, Warrior Path of Togakure.This term is often used as a catch-all for the ninja’s warrior protector spirit […]

Real Ninja Spirit Power?

In a personal conversation earlier this week, I asked the Dalai Lama about the public publishing of what for generations up to now were secret teachings for depth inner transformation. Books about once-secret Tibetan and Japanese tantric meditation inner work are available for sale all over the world; some of the books are good and […]

Black Belt '09 Homecoming

Here are a lot of my senior Black Belt students and SKH Quest licensed school leaders. Several folks came in before for my 9-9-’09 60th birthday party at the Dayton dojo and then we all got together for some high-level practice the Friday afternoon before our 29th annual Festival. Some of these Black Belts have […]