Real Ninja Spirit Power?

In a personal conversation earlier this week, I asked the Dalai Lama about the public publishing of what for generations up to now were secret teachings for depth inner transformation. Books about once-secret Tibetan and Japanese tantric meditation inner work are available for sale all over the world; some of the books are good and authentic, some are accidentally off-base and wrong, and some seem deliberately designed to deceive and distract.

Blunt quick surprise reply from His Holiness was that we now need to publish this kind of information in its authentic form because there is so much bad stuff out there. Without access to the true, people will be tripped by the tricksters.

OK; king speaks, I listen.

In chapter 5 of my book Ninja Vol. 2; Warrior Ways of Enlightenment I wrote that I would never provide more than an overview of the ninja kuji-in work. In Chapter 5 of my 1983 Ninja Vol. 3; Warrior Path of Togakure I wrote a similar statement about ninja kuji-kiri. I felt strongly that way then.

But now I feel differently. I have decided to change my stance as to the public dissemination of information about ninja spirit-focussing intention energy work. I wrote my original teacher stance on not publicly teaching ninja power channeling back in 1981, way before the internet and self-published e-books and YouTube were even dreams in the public mind. It was way before an onslaught of embarrassing junk being purveyed on those future 21st century sources by “kuji masters” lacking legitimate authority and power. It is really awful what some people are hawking out there now.

OK, it’s 2009 not 1981, so here goes.
Read the Ninja Vol. 2 book.
Watch the kuji-in DVD.
Read the Ninja Vol 3 book.
Watch and study the ninja kuji-kiri DVD.
Read and watch again and again. Walk through your days looking for opportunities to “storehouse” amassed power from continuous awareness of your effect in the world (the books and DVDs tell you how) and watch out for temptations to let your power leak away.

I will post more suggestions on this blog as the year moves on. No, you cannot “master ninja kuji” from a blog – or a book or DVD for that matter. But you sure can get a head start on learning, and you sure can learn to tell the difference between instruction from a qualified teacher and something silly on YouTube.

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  1. Wow! I am stunned, overwhelmed, and filled with joy. It’s time. Let’s do it.

  2. The other day in the grocery store, I saw a cute little kid
    with a shirt that read, “I’ve ruined my life playing video
    games. Luckily, I get 2 more lives.” Sometimes a warrior
    needs patience. With much love, I call him “That Wascally

  3. Awesome post, looking forward to the information!

  4. Amazing. Timely. Powerful. I cannot wait for this weekend.

  5. Carey Glazener says: -#1

    Shidoshi Hayes, let me start by thanking Hatsumi Sensei and yourself for all your teachings. When I first heard that you had giving thoughts to teaching kuji – in and kuji – kiri, I was very excited and had to catch my breath. Then I found myself questioning if this knowledge should be brought to the public … especially today’s public. However, after seeing the interview for “Shinobi” and reading your blog, I understand your viewpoint. I guess the times have changed. I feel the following of students and other people who study the art will benefit greatly. Now I am back to being very excited! Thank you again.

  6. Exciting news!

    Any chance of making these downloadable like the kihon series?

  7. Let truth outshine the darkness of misinformation.

    Sounds good to me.

  8. Really Awesome to hear! It’s time the light of truth shine on this.

    Remember when you covered it many moons ago (many years ago) in a training session…Happily looking forward to learning from a True Master.

    Stationed Overseas

  9. GREAT to hear…

    ..and just as great to hear someone in your position say honestly “I changed my mind” and explain why, rather than pretending it was their stance all along (as we so often get from others).

    I own all your books (got them back in the late 1980s) and have always been fascinated by the kuji-kiri and kuji-in. Looking forward to the DVD!

  10. I agree with you and HH – there is so much misinformation out there, we are in the era of letting the real information come to light. There are no more secrets.

  11. Greate news An-shu!I remember you had said something about it, at the italia workshop.Thank’s for this news

  12. Brilliant blog.

    I’m looking forward to the coming years to start to understand a little more about this interesting and important subject.

  13. Terry Garrett says: -#1

    I have already viewed the kuji-in dvd. WOW! Thank you
    An-shu for bringing this light.

  14. Elizabeth Lopes says: -#1

    Hello….I live in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and would like to have Chi Kung/Tai Chi classes…do you recommend anyone here in my hometown for the above mentioned teachings? Thank you in advance.

  15. This is an aspect of our history that I have always been fascinated by. Very much looking forward to learning more! Thank you An-Shu!

  16. I’m reminded of Grandmaster Hatsumi’s statement in The Grandmaster’s Book of Ninja Training: “But rather than memorizing the kuji, it’s better to perfect your taijutsu… And so, as I said before, my teacher used to say that when a person is really accomplished in taijutsu, astonishing things begin to happen… [T]he kuji can’t really be taught, and until a person has mastered taijutsu, there’s no point in trying to use it” (p. 48 & 50).

    As you say, it isn’t 1988, but this is probably good advice for all of us, even now. As excited as I would be just to start on the path of ninpo taijutsu (location and lack of funds make it impossible at the moment), I’m afraid that this could be dangerous on many levels if we don’t approach it with the proper perspective (which is why these things were ‘secret’ to begin with).

  17. steve siverling says: -#1


    I said I would never go back to the cannary. But I applied for it again even so in a moment of weakness. Luckily they didn’t take me back.

    This makes me even more interested in your teachings. It also shows your humility. I read a book by the FMAA that said that those who do not teach the inner energy, will be become outdated.

  18. all your words on this website are…. very good.

  19. Nothing can be mastered from reading a book. Techniques can be given, ideas can be expressed, questions can be answered, but it is eventually up to the student to do the work as given. One cannot learn meditation without meditating. One cannot learn to swim without getting wet. Whenever anyone askes me “can you teach me x?” I say only that I can try because the learning part happens in the student doing the exercises and following the instruction.

  20. I have been nagging my instructor for the past year to start teaching me how to use my spirit force. He told me all in good time and I only recently started to see that it is not something that can be tought it needs to be realised for oneself with guidance to shape and form it.

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    Haa, extremely good!

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