Mountain Quest 2022 List of Kata Taught

Here is a description of the 3 kata I taught (well, I taught a To-Shin Do “modern variation” of these historical kata) at Mountain Quest seminar July 2022


虎 倒 流 骨 法 術

KATA-MAKI “Single wrap”

Defense against punch barrage – Strike limbs and lock shoulder with counter attack

1. Aggressor attacks with a right punch.

2. Shift back with a left defensive strike inside his right arm.

3. He continues with a high left punch.

4. Shift back with a right defensive strike inside his left arm.

5. Rock forward on your right knee with a right musha-dori hook to his left arm.

6. Step back with your right and swing a left shi-to-ken thumb tip strike to his ribs.

  SHI-TO – “Branch-out knockdown”

Defense against double lapel grab – Precise attacks to targets and full body throw counter

1. Aggressor grabs both of your lapels.

2. Sink your hips and secure his arms with your downward forearm pressure

3. Strike both temples with upward swinging kongo-ken thumb knuckles.

4. Pivot left with your right thumb knuckle at his left temple.

5. Take him to the ground with your left twisting an omote-gyaku to his right wrist.


  KO-KU (Sanskrit Akasha)- “Open sky- source of potential”

taken from Kokuzo-bosatsu 虚空蔵菩薩, companion bodhisattva of Shogun Jizo. 

Defense against multiple punch and kick attack by going angularly off-line and striking back; surprise the aggressor by moving into his blind spot to make his positioning become his weakness

  1. Adversary attacks with high right punch.
  2. From left ichimonji no kamae defensive position with left hand extended and right fist hidden resting against left elbow, drop back to the right and hit with left defensive strike inside his right arm.
  3. Rock in with a right-hand omoteshuto hand-edge to his right forearm – lean in on left knee for power.
  4. He continues with right front kick to your midsection.
  5. Leap out and left and kick with left foot sokuyaku stamp kick to the thigh of his right leg.
  6. (If appropriate, follow your first kick with a right sokuyaku stamp kick to his right thigh.)
  7. The stomp kick should spin him around and expose his back.
  8. As he falls back, follow with left lunging boshiken thumb drive strike to his right ribs or kidneys, or use both thumbs to strike at both kidneys simultaneously.

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