“Water-scoop footwork”

Move at just the right moment into just the right space to evade the aggressor’s speed, power, leverage, and momentum. Place yourself at an angle that puts you out of reach. The aggressor then attempts a logical follow-up. You catch his next move once again with the timing and positioning needed to take his balance, leverage, and reach in a way that leaves him powerless to stop your subduing technique.


Lesson 1 – How to slip past the downward sword cut

Here’s how to make steps 1 and 2 in the classical kata lesson work (illustrated here with a variation where the sword is captured, as opposed to deflected and dislodged, but the point is still how to do the footwork and positioning)



  1. Aggressor cuts down with a vertical sword slice.
  2. From shizen no kamae, step forward on your left to the outside of his descending sword blade.
  3. Push his sword arm away with a left palm to his right forearm.
  4. Kick his right wrist with a right sokuyaku heel stamp to knock the sword from his hands.
  5. He then grabs for his second sword.
  6. Step in with your left and jam his draw with your left palm to his right wrist.
  7. Hit him with a right cross urashuto to his right temple.
  8. Pull his right arm down with your left, push his right shoulder back with your right, drop him with a right osotogake hip throw.

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  1. This is a very good video. The detail allows students to see possible next moves on top of what is being shown. Thank you for this An Shu

  2. I really enjoy your blog, this is the second page I have read so far. I have someone I am close with in my life who used to be a student of yours that has been kind enough to teach me martial arts. It is too bad you haven’t updated in a while. Thank you for all the info you have provided however.

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