Another Day at Work

Here’s Rumiko on the beach south of Ancona, Italy, on the Adriatic coast.


The young Italian couple in the water are collecting bags of mussels that they will sell to restaurants along the coast.
Another Tuesday morning working for a living for them.

Look where they have chosen to work.
Look what they have chosen to do.
Look what they have chosen to wear.
Look who they have chosen as co-workers to look at all day long.

Life is full of choices.
I have made my life choices.
So, what have you chosen?

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  1. Let us see the potential within each moment, to realize we have a great gift ( a power) the power of choice….Let’s use it!
    See it in your thoughts, speak of it ( give this vision strength), then give it power by acting….Choosing!!!

    Great post An-shu, and thank you for the wonderful lesson too!

    Best always,

    Stationed overseas

  2. Wow. I love my job but I wouldn’t mind doing that for a time!

    Thank you for the picture, Mr. Hayes..reminds me of how much I miss Europe!

  3. Thanks for the motivation – it’s funny how sometimes a few simple words can strengthen resolve and this was one of those moments for me! Right words, right time – best wishes to you and yours An-Shu Hayes, I wish I could join you for your 60th birthday celebrations!

  4. Christos Karatsalos says: -#1

    Simply the best of progress and iam proud of it.
    Thank you An-shu

  5. I am happy to say that yesterday, I passed my national certification examination for theraputic massage and bodywork, so I can move forward from the world of IT helpdesk support to serving my community directly by assisting in healthcare functions and bringing people into harmony with nature. This is indeed an honored position to serve people using modern and time honored ancient traditions and techniques, which gives me even more appreciation for To-shin Do and ninpo taijutsu and vise versa.

    Thank you again An-shu for another well timed and inspirational post.

    Daniel L Dunn
    SLC, UT

  6. Such a simple and yet powerful and thought-provoking message! Thank you for leading by such a wonderful example of what can be achieved through hard work and dedication. Take care and God bless.

    Oh – and congratulations on your 60th!

  7. Hi an shu Stephen and Rumiko

    I saw now the photo of ancona and i remember the workshop in this town with you. I was very pleased to frequent it and to know you because i found out my way. the ninja way is a way to develop me. thenkyou very much


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