4 "Magical Legs" of Intention Direction

I am in Las Vegas today speaking to the Martial Arts Industry Association (MAIA), 1,500 professional martial arts school owners and instructors.

My topic is “Taking Care of the Master”, and I am offering four suggestions for overcoming professional burnout.

So often, a professional martial arts teacher spends so much time and energy encouraging his or her students, that personal advancement and personal passion take a seat way in the back behind all the focus on others. Can you identify with that reality statement at all? If so, what can you do to regain your original passion? What important encouragement can you tap into from “the master within?”

After my presentation, I will come back and post here 4 suggestions based on my study of the Japanese and Tibetan mystical warrior inner development traditions. I promise it will be worth reading, so be sure to bookmark this site for quick and reliable return.

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  1. Exciting! I look forward to your advice.

  2. Curious and Excited to learn the “Magical Legs” of Intention from you An-shu. Know it will be mind opening !

    Stationed Overseas

  3. Sean Sheridan says: -#1

    I wonder if this can also be applied to other situations, career burnout for example.

  4. An-shu,
    It was great to meet you and hear you speak. Professor James Burgess passed away last year and he was the source of wisdom I would turn to when I needed to talk to someone about life or a situation in a class etc.

    I really valued hearing you speak about lineage and the relationship between the master and the student.

    You and Rumiko were extremely kind and it was an honor I will not forget.

    Master Eric Johnson

  5. An-shu,

    i was honored to have the opportunity to speak with and more importantly hear you speak at the 2010 Super Show in Las Vegas.
    Your seminar “Taking Care of the Master” was just what I needed to hear.
    Thank you.

    Master Eric Johnson

  6. Cpl Ernest Hall says: -#1


    I was only just thinking on this same topic today. Burning out is a serious threat and possibility in literally every line of work, regardless of how interesting. This being the case, I’m almost certain that if we could determine the amount of burnouts that occur in a standard four year enlistment in the military, the number we would come back with would be astonishing.

    Very interested to see the 4 “Magical Legs” when posted.

    Cpl Hall

  7. Mr. Hayes

    I look forward to your follow up. I can relate to your blog post on all levels.

    Thank you for all you do.

    Be well and Gassho,

    Ken Savage

  8. Mr. Hayes,

    I see no responses to your question stated above, so perhaps it is rhetorical. Nevertheless, in answer to it, I personally have experienced the burnout a time or two. What always rejuvenates my spirit is an encounter with an enthusiastic student who reminds me of the joy I experienced training under my teacher. Thinking back to those times, I realize that I am the source of joy and inspiration to these young spirits, and it renews my spirit to play the role.

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