Classical Ninja Bojutsu Training

九 字 の 棒 第 二 法 Kuji No Bo Dai Ni Ho (“2nd Method”)

Most of our classical ninja martial arts weapon training takes place in our special seminar series classes on Thursday evening. Here is a description of a fight training exercise from the Advanced Long Saff set. For coaching and personal instruction in this set, you can attend our next bojutsu class (check our schedule), study it on DVD, or take a private lesson on Skype.

The principle is to open him up for strikes; cause him to move in ways that leave him vulnerable

1. From left-forward ten-chi-jin no kamae, holding the bo in spear-grip, step forward with the right foot and reach towards the aggressor’s head with the bo to attract his attention; he has to defend or move or he will be hit.

2. The first move was just a ruse to distract his attention upward; you then execute a surprise do uchi strike to his right ribs from the left with your right foot still forward – no foot step in there at all.

3. Step back with your right foot to a left-forward gedan no kamae position with lowered bo extended behind your right leg.

4. Step forward with your right foot and hit the adversary’s left shin with a sune uchi ashi barai strike.

5. Without changing your footing, use your right hand to throw the bo over and downward with a tento men strike to the top of his head.

6. In conclusion, pull your right foot back to end up in left-forward ten-chi-jin no kamae, maintaining your awareness on possible next attacks from the field.

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