November 2012 Graduation

Congratulations to all of the color belt graduates who demonstrated high energy and skill for families and friends this month. We had multiple people promoted to the next level of training and exciting free response. Missed the show? Interested in seeing yourself or a fellow student under pressure, check out the full graduation on livestream […]

October 2012 Graduation

Congratulations graduates! Color Belts and Black Belts alike showed incredible skill and energy during this October’s graduation. The Hombu is proud to acknowledge the 3rd Degree Black Belt promotions of instructors, Matt Chotoshi Herbert, and Robert Santoshi Hayes. Youth students Jill and Lucas Ruffing received their 1st Degree Black Belts. Adults celebrating their 1st Degree […]

September 2012 Graduation

Congratulations to all of the color belt graduates. A special congratulations to Francoise Walusis and Brigid Griffin for receiving their Coaches Crests. Youth Black Belt students provided an accurate demonstration of the 4 1/2ft. jo staff and multiple Black Belts demonstrated their own skills in exciting fashion. Don’t miss An-shu Stephen K. Hayes’s demonstration of […]

August 2012 Graduation

August graduation was fantastic! We had an exciting display of color belt promotions, Black Belt demos, Ryan Knorr’s Black Belt declaration, and Tony Griffin’s Trainer promotion. Watch the live stream of this graduation for the action from the evening. Enjoy surprise demos by both An-shu Rumiko and Stephen K. Hayes. Congratulations to all! A special […]

Heart of Light, Blade of Thunder

What if life were like a dream, and in that dream you forgot how truly powerful you were? What if in that dream you forgot how helpful you could be? What if you forgot how much everyone is counting on you to find your way to authentic power and purity? What if you forgot your […]

Facing Inner Demons

A disciplined athlete and wealthy martial arts businessman I knew left his family and students by way of suicide. Many are concerned that revelations of shameful actions that drove the man to end his life will cause public apprehension as to what happens in martial arts schools. How could a master of “focus, discipline, and […]

Classy Rapper Memory

Early 1990s in Chicago. I was coordinating Illinois police with Tibetan security agents of His Holiness the Dalai Lama for the Tibetan leader’s visit. I noticed a quiet young guy who appeared to be a homeless person in faded car wash hoodie with a badly shaved head who somehow infiltrated the Dalai Lama’s entourage. He […]

Battlefield Training in Chapel Hill

Hardee Merritt, Chief Instructor of Chapel Hill Quest Center, says: “What an amazing, life transforming weekend! The evidence was in the dojo Monday night. After an entire weekend training outdoors, grappling with sticks, being thrown in the mud, the classes were packed and everyone was super motivated! Thank you An-shu for a wonderful weekend!” An-shu […]

Classical Ninja Bojutsu Training

九 字 の 棒 第 二 法 Kuji No Bo Dai Ni Ho (“2nd Method”) Most of our classical ninja martial arts weapon training takes place in our special seminar series classes on Thursday evening. Here is a description of a fight training exercise from the Advanced Long Saff set. For coaching and personal instruction […]