Vajrakilaya Phurba at Sakya Centre

Today is my 57th birthday, and I am living at the Sakya Centre monastery in the wooded stretch between Dehradun and Rajpur, northern India, not far from the forbidden Tibet border. I came here to study a powerful mind transformation method for channeling what most of us would call typical human weaknesses into warrior powers for conquering obstructive forces that block individuals and communities from attaining inner and outer peace.

As a symbol of this kind of purifying power that immobilizes evil, these Tibetan practitioners use a black 3-edged dagger spike – sort of a 1,400 year old version of what many know as a WWII commando dagger. The imagery, language, and music (13-hour days of thunderous battle music – drums, horns, and cymbals to stimulate conqueror energy) are all stronger than strong as part of the “spiritual therapy” of building focused power for good.

An-shu and young Tibetan monk friends visit the 41st Headmaster of the Sakya lineage Khon family

This is primarily a mind and spirit training, as opposed to mechanical blade technique. I was not looking for mechanics – our To-Shin curriculums have knife fighting handled extremely well already. What I came here for was intensive training in how to help my friends develop more of the “heart like a blade” for which To-Shin Do was named.

Have you ever allowed inner conflict to keep you from getting what you need? I know some highly skilled martial artists who are masters on the mat, but who lead pretty pitiful and shattered lives outside the dojo. This failure in the lives of masters most often shows up as inner indecision, lack of discipline when it comes to doing what has to be done as opposed to what you like to do, temptation to blame others for your failings, rigid attachments to beliefs that really do not serve you or reflect the real truth, and a general disconnect from living up to all the possibilities of your potential in a kind of fear of success.

This kind of challenge has its manifestations in the reality of combat training as well as in the reality of creating a secure and fulfilling life for yourself and loved ones. If you have ever balked when you should have batted, even when you knew better, this kind of spirit training may be for you.

After beginning martial arts training in the 1960s, my motivation in the 1970s was to learn the most advanced and revolutionary approach to martial training possible, and I found and became part of the Togakure ninja tradition. In the 1980s, my motivation was to test out what I had learned, and I did my testing by taking the ninja art to the public. In the 1990s, I was motivated to adapt the ancient to the pressures of the modern in order to have the most honest combat system possible, and that is where To-Shin Do came from. Now in the 2000s, I am more committed than ever to finding and delivering the secrets of full invincibility I have been searching for since childhood. Stay with me on this as we move through the next few years ahead. I guarantee you a mind-bending ride if you are up for full warrior training. Let me be as pointed as possible here. In this current age of terror and confusion, I cannot understand at all why every martial master is not on a quest for such a blade as this.

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  1. I wished I could express myself in the way I need to … But I say not appropriate… But I say not now/ later, ALOT! It frustrates me!!! Bec. I have something to share/express/do. It’s important, not just for me. I want a full life. A meaningful life. I’m so respectful of timing and appropriateness and etc…Wed ~Was the day I was feeling this. Started Tues. Then I thought Wed. I would communicate this to someone!But I talked myself out of it. Saying later… So I just felt like YUK!!! instead, and a day of profound (life changing, expressing etc, )energy was lessoned to lower. Bec. of not being able to ! I know what I need, what would make sense/work. I just can’t get it, right now. I feel confused by what the heart and head knows, and what the world , others and not having enough money is telling me. I found some books (instead) I had read when they came out in 89. Seat of the soul and Tao of inner peace. It comforted me to a degree! My heart all day was elsewhere and I felt it like another night I was happy to be in Ohio-to meet someone from Tibet. Wed. I found the words I needed. Ohm goom gana pa tie ay na ma ha. To help w/ removing those obstacles. Everything you have said has great resonance for me, and my answer to you!!! Is YES, I would like to do this!!! I’m hurting… I need these lessons. I need these prayers. I feel vulnerable without them… I felt alone Weds. I felt really alone Tuesday night. I wait all day to be at the Dojo. Two hrs doesn’t satisfy me. I want to learn and absorb everything…, and I want it now. I can’t have it now. I’m barely making my bills and waiting to buy ink to finish my second book. Which is my way to bring peace and enlightenment on a small scale to small children. The last one for now I wrote while being here in Aug. It is about an elderly japanese woman, a shrine. etc. Very COOL! Felt profound gratitude that I was being creative again and blessed w/ such a great parable.

  2. I saw four-edged phurbas for sale on the internet. Is there a different to the three-edged ones? If so, what does it mean?
    Thanks in advance!

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