Fundamental Angling Footwork

Here’s an out-take from Festival 2006, focusing in on some fundamental Gyokko Ryu footwork.

Notice how real this looks.

That’s the To-Shin hallmark – taking the classics and teaching them in a way that brings them into fresh relevance in the modern age.

CLICK HERE for information on how to get your own 3-DVD set of instruction sessions from Festival ’06, featuring several of my top students, master instructors in their own right:

  • Simon Botoshi Clifford (Newbury Park, CA, Warrior Quest Society)
  • Mark Sentoshi Russo (Tampa, FL, Quest Center)
  • Hardee Hakutoshi Merritt (Chapel Hill, NC, Quest Center)
  • John Gentoshi Poliquin (Portland, ME, Quest Center)
  • Kyle Rintoshi Smith (Dayton, OH, Hombu Dojo)
  • Brett Dotoshi Varnum (Presque Isle, ME Quest Center)
  • Kriss Gakutoshi Hurdle (Newbury Park, CA, Warrior Quest Society)
  • Tori Myotoshi Eldridge (Newbury Park, CA, Warrior Quest Society)

…present a collection of techniques and exercises to build your To-Shin Do skills, familiarize you with the kinds of tactics used by skilled fighters from other martial arts, along with some counter techniques from the To-Shin perspective. Extremely valuable!

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