Ninja Gaiden II Video

My friend DY Sao, extraordinary martial arts actor, put up on YouTube four minutes of the taping we did together for the Ninja Gaiden II video game documentary.

DY and An-shu Rumiko and I spent two days taping for the documentary in New York City in spring 2008. We first did a day of interviews in the amazing Ninja New York Restaurant and then a day of action taping in a Brooklyn warehouse sound stage.

I think DY did a great job of embodying the visual action that Ninja Gaiden gamers enjoy seeing.
Watch it and enjoy. Great fun.

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  1. Gorgeous. So pretty. Nice blood dripping off the swordpoint. 🙂 😀

  2. Jenn, as a senior-ranked student at the Boulder Quest Center dojo and stage fighting instructor, you were amazingly observant to catch that hidden detail at the end!

    I enjoyed seeing your Blog on performance training.

  3. Thank you very much! It’s nice to see true experts involved in the renditions of ninja images in the media. I hope you enjoy “Daily Cross-Swords.”

  4. Hi, my friend Ray and I are doing a history project on An-shu Hayes, and we wanted to have an exciting intro for the documentary. We were wondering if someone could send us the file for the vid, if it’s okay? We will give credit. Thank you!

  5. I just had a serious “WOW AWESOME!!” moment just by knowing that this video exists even though I can’t watch it. It said: “This video is private”.

    I am a huge Ninja Gaiden fan and I played that game religiously in my childhood circa 87-88. I can sing every song from NG 1 & 2 🙂 Gotta admit my fascination with that game as a child influenced in my decision to pick up a book by Glenn J. Morris as a 20 year old (in a Texas thrift-store!); which opened up my mind to the world of real ninjutsu and more so the world of spiritual refinement through meditation and the cultivation of mind science.

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