Secret Technology East and West

One of my friends at the Sakya Pema Ts’al Monastic Institute, just outside Pokhara, Nepal, sent me some photos of senior students of the shedra (monk college) in their computer training class.

As from a description of meditation for beginners, they sit in perfect upright posture, focused in unswerving meditative concentration, letting go of the previous moment’s self and becoming yet a new and expanded version of themselves. Right there in front of the tiny screen.

These are my monk friends who live south of the forbidden Tibet border at the foot of the Himalayas. They and their head abbot Lama Kunga Dhondup are my coaches, trainers, and teachers in my study of the Vajrakilaya tantra practices, a set of powerful mind transformation methods in which the image of a sacred 3-edged dagger is a symbol of the power of awakening depth consciousness as to how human weaknesses can become enlightened powers.

These highest yoga tantra methods are said to be invisible to those not ready to grasp them. They dwell secretly in plain sight in a way that those unprepared will not even think of seeking their insights into power. These practices seem so out of the ordinary, so unfathomable, so ungraspable by conventional Western thought processes, that few of my friends and students have ever even asked me what they entail and what I am getting out of it.

Odd how many martial arts professionals my age feel the same way about computer technology. “It’s all superstition and voodoo to me,” replied one friend when I gently probed the rationale behind the design of his school’s ugly and discouraging web site.

You have to be ready to learn and advance.  Without the proper motivation such growth can be seen as a chore or a bore, and the power of the technology to bring you needed benefits – either Eastern inner technology or Western outer technology – remains a mystery.

Pema Ts’al Monastery senior students study arcane Western technological mind to mind knowledge transfer technique

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  1. “Arcane Western technological mind-to-mind knowledge transfer technique.” Can you hear me laughing all the way in Ohio? 😀

  2. The monks at Kagyu Dzamling Kunchab are actually just getting started with live video streaming of Dharma lectures by Lama Norlha Rinpoche’s senior students on at my encouragement of Lama Samten Gyamtso. The eventual plan is to integrate UStream’s PayPal hooks into lectures by Lama Norlha so that parishioners can tithe online while participating in his Dharma teachings.

    What I find even more encouraging is that countries like Nepal and Colombia are participating heavily in the One Laptop Per Child project. In Colombia, the OLPC initiative is actually being run by their version of Homeland Security on the premise that the war between the government and the FARC rebels can be ended if children have access to the world’s knowledge instead of just local propaganda.

    In confusing times, it’s inspiring to think that someday relatively soon, a Colombian teenager in a remote mountain village can enjoy access to the Dharma and some of the world’s foremost Dharma masters.

  3. Please,what do they entail and what are you getting out of them?.

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