60th Birthday Celebration

Here is my red suit photo. My teacher chose a red tux for his 60th in Japan to make a statement unique to the needs of the Japanese martial arts world of the early 1990s – more creativity, freshness, aliveness, and startling thinking.


At my 60th birthday party thrown by the students at the Dayton Quest Center dojo right before our 29th annual Festival, I chose a red gi and battle vest to show what I think we in late 2000s America need more of in our martial arts – more nobility, dignity, heroic presence, and pledge to ancient timeless ideals.

(That is my old “1980s barn dojo days” friend Bud Malmstrom next to me there with my family and friends; he drove in from Atlanta to celebrate our 32 years of friendship on our personal paths of warrior service.)

Here is a birthday greeting note from my teacher Masaaki Hatsumi:

Hayes-san, I hear this year is your Kanreki birthday.

A Kabuku actor considers 60 years old as the beginning for mastery of their art.

Zeami, famous Noh actor, says that you will return to the beginning at age 80.

Becoming old is wonderful.

You may lose your eyesight but your eyes will see the truth and authenticity.

I wish you health and long life.

A couple is like having eyes together.

Rumiko-san, enjoy the journey with Hayes-san, together.

Congratulation on your Kanreki birthday.

Heisei 21st Year September 9th.

Masaaki Hatsumi

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  1. Anshu,

    Awesome to see that you had a wonderful birthday celebration! I wish you many more!

    -Your South Florida friends and fellow Buyu!

  2. An-Shu,

    May the energy of this wondrous celebration carry you forward on your journey. Wishing you a Happy Birthday as you enjoy friends, family, good memories too, take delight, in knowing there are more on the road ahead for you.

    All the best to you and family An-Shu


  3. Excellent celebration! Well deserved An-Shu!

  4. So sorry I could not attend your 60th celebration. I see it was fantastic! However, I was “with” you all week, reflecting on my beginnings with you in Atlanta, the first Festival, Dr. Hatsumi’s first Festival visit & that amazing impromptu “punch the back of my head” incident that only a few of us were witness to. Two trips for me to Japan, a wonderful(but very cold!) night on snow covered Togakure Mt. The privilege of assisting in the protection of His Holiness the Dalai Lama in Bloomington(my birthplace).

    Countless treasured experiences through these many years with you, Rumiko & all the martial friends I’ve known.

    Happy Birthday, Steve. I’m sure the next sixty will be equally magical !

  5. 60th, wow you look really good for it.

    love the videos btw!.


    http://www.briannourse.co.uk | info@briannourse.co.uk

  6. Chandler Standley says: -#1

    Sorry this is so late but…Happy Birthday Mr. Hayes!!! ^^ I would also like to, if you don’t mind, interview you and possibly a few other senseis of the Quest Center for a class I am currently taking. Send me a reply by e-mail please.

    Chan Standley, previous student

  7. Looks like it was worth the wait. I just got my Signed copy of your latest book, Ninja Volume 6, and I loved the dedication page on this particular volume. It really hit home. Thank you An-Shu for all your inspiration and wisdom. And may your 60th year bring many fortunes and blessings.

    “It is not the amount of breaths that measure one’s life but the moments that take our breath away”

    Everett Mangum

  8. John Dellinger says: -#1

    Although late, I’m pleased your birthday celebration went well. May the new year bring happiness and serenity to your family.

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