Ideal Perspective

The To-Shin Do self development 8-Step Personal Perfection Plan is all about personal transformation from the inside out. Pay attention every moment of your day and seek the most ideal way to experience, embody, and express who you are. Focus on the 8 guidelines to determine and achieve your own definition of an ideal life elevated and actualized with purpose and fulfillment.

1. IDEAL PERSPECTIVE – “Perfect way to see things”
“Ultimate truth is ultimate – see life as it really is and stay tuned in!”

Pursue developing the ideal perspective. That ideal view or ideal attitude or ideal mindset is the most important asset you bring to your personal quest for fulfillment in life.

Each of us has a view as to how the universe works and how we all fit into that operation. We hold beliefs about what it means to be a human being, why we’re here, how best to navigate through life, how to grasp what it all means.

We tend to assume that our current perspective is accurate, and that ours is not A way to see things but THE way to see things. We hold to that current perspective as long as it works to make sense of what can confuse us in life. Only when our old perspective no longer helps us successfully cope are we forced to develop a new bigger broader perspective.

An ideal view includes the idea of mutual interdependence of all things, the perspective that every thing is related to everything else and every thing depends upon everything else. Everything is really one big multi-dimensional infinitely huge event, no thing exists in and of itself with independent nature, and you cannot describe any piece of the universe without also acknowledging its relationship to other pieces. Sure, it’s useful to piece reality into “things” and “events” conceptually, but in truth all supposedly separate things exist in relation to all other things, and all supposedly separate events emerge from previous events and generate future events.

An ideal view also includes the idea of lack of concrete existence of a self independent from all of the experiences that self has encountered, the perspective that every person is affected by unimaginably countless influences, and every person develops an inner and outer identity based upon everything else at work in the universe. Everyone is really a product of causes and effects, no person exists in and of him or herself with independent nature, and you cannot describe who you are without also acknowledging your relationship to culture, family, or genetics. Sure, it’s useful to refer to yourself as an independent agent conceptually, but in truth all of us as individuals exist in relation to all other selves and things; we are a part of all we have met.

An ideal view as well includes the idea of nature operating with a predisposition towards everything falling down and falling apart, the perspective that without active intervention, the way of the material world is to unravel and disintegrate. Our bodies, our buildings, our forests, our farms, our families, our culture, our economy – only with attentive care do the things of our world remain upright and intact. The way of the world is that everything is on its way back to neutral formless energy, so why do we plunge into distress and anger when things follow their nature and fall apart and fail to sustain themselves? Sure, it’s useful to think positively, but in truth everything that we know is bound to give up its form and function.

Ideal view means knowing that everything – including you – is bound to change, sooner or later, so you might want to be part of guiding that change, as opposed to resisting what is impossible to resist.

Be ready to change your mind about the way you believe things are or ought to be. Thoroughly investigate your beliefs and experiences as to how you operate in the grander universe we all share. Seek out whatever brings you closer to the truth of how life, the mind, and your interaction with all others works to generate the significance of your experience in all areas of life. That is what we mean by the concept of ideal view in life. From this ideal perspective or ideal paradigm, everything we encounter moves us closer to the experience of wholeness and Big Truth.

The ultimate secret is that nothing really is the way we think it looks. Seek out everything that can expand your perspective on the true significance of the experience of life. Let all you encounter serve to guide you towards advancing wholeness.

Are you ready for that?

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  1. Awesome post, very insightful.

  2. Great post indeed, refreshing to the mind and soul to hear these words of true wisdom.

    Thank you.

    Daniel L Dunn
    SLC, UT

  3. Wonderful lesson An-Shu. Always be mindfully present….as you say…Here …Now…and Now….and Now!!!

    There are great lessons to experience as we open our mindset …..


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