Ideal Mindfulness

Living in a way that keeps you ever aware of the preciousness of each moment and fullness of potential held in each encounter is called being mindful. Developing such a habit is a part of the To-Shin Do 8-Step Personal Perfection Plan for personal transformation from the inside out

7. IDEAL MINDFULNESS – “Perfect way to be aware”
“I use every moment as an opportunity to grow. Everything matters!”

So many people move through life in a way best described as semi-focused and partially distracted. They creep from moment to moment waiting for whatever might come along. Whatever pops up, they deal with it or duck it, and then go back to dull ease. It becomes a habit.

They certainly do not keep their eye on any prize they have committed to win. They move through meetings, take or make phone calls, talk to coworkers on the job, share space with family members, maybe go to a party or event with friends, all the while taking things as they come. Life is a pattern of winging it, docilely and mildly comatose.

Such people are not clear about the specific outcome they want from each interaction. They certainly have no sense of looking for and expecting the potential magic of every encounter. Life is perceived as “not too bad” but never soars or roars. Unguided and undefined, life eases along and becomes whatever it it becomes.

As long as life never falls into states that challenge survival, few people seem to consider it a problem to live in an aimless and random manner. Even fewer think to look for a solution. Only a very few know how to implement the solution.

If you did realize that an unfocused life just using up days is a problem, and if you did want a solution, one simple change is extremely effective. Create a new habit of asking yourself before you start any activity, “What do I want to get out of this? What is the outcome I want to generate?” Pay attention to paying attention. Even the smallest thing – a cup of coffee, a casual conversation, a walk to your car on a hot sunny day – becomes an opportunity to live with depth and purpose. Do not waste time or opportunities.

To make asking this question a habit, put visual reminder icons where you cannot miss them. One friend uses an exaggerated exclamation point as a talisman. One uses a bug-eyed smiley face. One uses a grinning Tibetan skull caricature to remind him of the swiftness and shortness of life. Pencil your reminder in your daily schedule, on a card in your briefcase, or post-it note on the bottom of your computer monitor.

Constantly seeing these reminders makes it easy to develop a new way of thinking. That leads to a new way of operating. Whatever you do repetitively and consistently can develop into a habit, so make sure you pick the most ideal habits to invite into blossom in your life.

Shikin Haramitsu Dai-Ko-Myo! Every moment has its lesson, if only we are alert enough to be ready for it. Stay mindful of all the possibilities. What is the higher value of what you are experiencing right now? What is there to enjoy and build from right here?

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  1. Reminds me An-Shu of your lesson to always be mindfully aware, so that as each moment unfolds we may learn from it, draw from its endless potential to shape as needed to achieve our goals while making the world better.

    Remembering everything is interlinked. Let’s tap that power to live each moment ~ every moment ~ with mindfulness to reap the rewards ~ the secrets that aren’t secrets …..if your mindfully aware.

    That “Aha!” moment is so precious and golden. May we all have the joy of mindfully experiencing it.

    Stationed Overseas

  2. Enjoyed reading this. It reminds me that in life each day one should learn something new everyday, from what i understand i must agree that everything that we do we must seek and go for what ever we can get from what we are doing. Be it walking to get the mail to meeting a new person on the street.

  3. Greetings,

    Thank you for sharing your post. I am working on trying to go by landmarks. Or living in the moment.



  4. Daniel L Dunn says: -#1

    Again, Thank You very much for such a motivating and very relevant post!

    Over the last year I have begun to repeatedly think about about the major goals I want to acheive in life, and even more recently have begun to focus on noticing ‘the little things’ while being aware of ‘the big picture’. And no doubt life has become much more fulfilling and rewarding. The messages of your words are greater than receiving even the haughtiest of material treasures. It is an honor to recomend To-shin Do to others who may be open to new possibilities so they may also share in this enlightenment.

    Do-mo A-ri-ga-to Go-zai-mas!

  5. Jim McFarland says: -#1

    Great Lesson! Thank you An-Shu Hayes for all that you have shared with all of us…I’m currently reviewing my notes and handouts from the Kongokai Mandala 9 Steps of Dynamic Accomplishment from 2 seminars way back in 1987…”Our experience of life is determined by that which we focus on, and the attitude with which we focus on it …” Outstanding!

  6. Keegan Shorrock says: -#1

    Thank you An-Shu. I always find a great deal of inspiration and motivation from reading your teachings. It pains me to think of living out life just running through the motions. Let’s make ever moment count!

    Best regards,

  7. This advice is helpful–thanks for the bowstring!

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