Soul-Stirring Artistry

In Bloomington the night before the Dalai Lama teachings on the Heart Sutra?
Do not miss this opportunity to experience the soul-stirring artistry of Michael Fitzpatrick. Check the poster. I certainly will be there.

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  1. Hello An-Shu,

    After having the good fortune of attending a previous meeting you hosted with his Holiness the Dalai Lama, know this one will be truly rewarding and enlightening.

    May this event bring awaking to how we as humans should Live !!

    All the best to his Holiness, you An-Shu, and everyone in attendance ~

    Stationed Overseas

  2. Michael Boshell says: -#1

    Domo-Arigoto Shidoshi Hayes, For all the help and insight into Tenjutsu,Kuji-Kuri training methods.Still working hard at Layla Yoga chakra control, the yellow and orange chakra are the most difficult to master as they are as beautiful as they are deadly. Forgotten more than I know! “Hi-JIKISHI-NINSHIN.”Koga-Ninjitsu”,REN,RETSU,RYU,JIN,JIRI,and the rest of the knowledge you and other masters have poured into our military.Again domo-arigoto!

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