Perfecting Wisdom for Your Review

The Dalai Lama teaching on the Heart Sutra was live-stream broadcast on the internet and taped for later viewing. You can find all 3 teaching sections – each one well over 2 hours – on-line at

Session 1 has a no-sound glitch for the first 12 minutes. You get to “watch me talk” as I introduce the Dalai Lama and the program. (Test out your ninja lip-reading skills!)

In Session 1 at around the 20 minute mark, my voice comes on and I introduce the Dalai Lama after the Michael Fitzpatrick musical piece.

There are links on that web page to watch Session 2 and then Session 3 as well. They let me speak with full voice in those broadcasts, too.

Want to see how the Heart Sutra and its “all appearances are empty of intrinsic existence” (or “every thing, situation, or person is formed and defined by interdependent relationships”) looks as advanced martial arts technique?

Here’s a hint. Less grind and struggle, and more recognizing and using the energy. The bad ending of “He’s got me in a headlock!” becomes the powerful beginning of “He’s set himself up for unconsciousness from my body drop choke-out” – if you are good enough and have studied with the right teachers. That’s the magic of wisdom. That’s the magic of our To-Shin Do.

Find the Heart of Wisdom DVD at our SKH Quest on-line store.

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  1. Christos Karatsalos says: -#1

    Once again the living example heart of wisdom remind us, help us keep going and growing and create the body we need to enjoy that something beyond that, the power of consciousness in a big loving accuracy heart, delivering love and wisdom to the world who need it.
    Thank you An-Shu

  2. Daniel L Dunn says: -#1

    Truly spectacular and amazing doesn’t even come close to describing the quality and quantity of HH the Dalai Lamas’ teachings in the heart sutra. His ‘assistant’ also does an outstanding scholarly job acting as partial interpreter throughout. I very highly recommend this to anyone seeking higher truth and enlightenment. And best of all – it’s free to watch (for now) on the internet!

    Thank you An-shu for all you do.

  3. All I can say is “WOW!” Every time I purchase a dvd from the mind science category it absolutely blows me away. Not only in information but also in tearing down preconceived ideas that have been taught me by my strict christian background. I have found that these teachings can be as religious or non-religious as the practitioner wants them to be. I have been opened up to new possibilities and new ways of looking at reality and I want to thank you, An-Shu, for your teaching and the way you present information on any given subject.

  4. VTR1000 Lady says: -#1

    i just wanna thank you for sharing this information and your blog; this is simple but important, and some teachers often translate it incorrectly

  5. Two dharma teachings that I’ve found incredibly useful for understanding emptiness are here (shorter) and here (longer). They are from the Tse Chen Ling Tibetan Buddhist Center in San Francisco, CA. Very informative and within the same tradition as HH the Dali Lama. I hope it proves useful for others.

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