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The SKH Pro Shop is always stocked with safety equipment, training tools, books, DVDs, and downloads to help you in your training in the ninja martial arts of Japan’s legendary phantom warriors.

Not in Dayton, Ohio? You can go to our on-line store to get access to all the training aids you need, from books and DVDs to instant downloads of technique lessons to official To-Shin Do uniforms and training shirts.

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  1. I just have to rave about the online store. The service is prompt and deliveries are made within days. I don’t think I have ever had to wait more than a “work” week. An-Shu Hayes’ videos are the only videos that I have experienced that are presented in such detail. Just like having him in the room explaining techniques, movements and attitudes. My collection i still growing.
    Props to you and your staff!

  2. Francis Bourque says: -#1

    Absolutely greatest customer service ever..!! An-Shu Hayes’s material is top-notch quality. I’ve bought books, downloads and DVDs to realize that if there is one thing that they don’t lack it would be DETAILS. Watching An-Shu’s DVDs it’s like having him in a room to yourself for a private lesson…An-Shu’s material have a little effect on you like a contagious addiction to want more knowledge about this martial art and to go further through your personal quest.

    Again, thumbs up to An-Shu and the Quest Center’s staff professionalism and dedication to good quality products.

  3. Ricardo Mercado says: -#1

    Awesome store. I find the material is very detailed and explained much more clearly than other martial art materials u could find through video. Almost as good as having a teacher with you, and goes from basics to advanced movements.
    I definitely recommend the skhquest store!

  4. Lawrence Lloyd says: -#1

    I have to take the time to re-iterate the comments I am reading about the SKH online store. I have purchased a number of martial art videos and DVD’s over time, but they pale in comparisson to that of An-Shu Stephen and his staff. My DVD collection is growing every month and I have yet to be dissappointed.

    The DVD’s and any merchandise I order arrives promptly and professionally and if anything is backordered at the time I am promptly notified.

    This is by far the best and easiest online store to work with, which is just another testimonial as to why To-Shin Do is the only way to go.


    Lawrence Lloyd

  5. Living in the UK it can be hard to get the right training and knowledge. However, the service that this Site/Store and staff provide is second to none. All orders are swift and the contents are totally well recieved. Super everyone, keep up the good work.

    To-Shin Do long distance learner. Middlesbrough, UK.

  6. I have been a student / practioner of An-shu since 1982.Begining with his books , Ninja Realm which became Musubi , and then actually relocating from Wisconsin to Ohio to train Full-Time. Attending the Warrior Quest seminars in Germantown , Ohio , at probably the most inspiring dojo atmosphere of my life . I have aquired All of his books and dvds over the years and can honestly say , if anyone looking for authentic , inspirational , and realistic life path training , then one need look no further
    Domo arigato gozaimas ta
    An-shu Stephen & Rumiko

    Joseph Bongiovanni

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