iNinja Steve Jobs?

A funny story hit the news today, in which it was reported by Japanese magazine SPA that Steve Jobs had some metal ninja shuriken throwing stars confiscated by the Japanese version of TSA security as he boarded his private jet back to America from Kyoto.

Minutes after the story broke, I was phoned by reporter Brian Palmer of, who wanted to know all the inside scoop about the ninja throwing stars.

The story was later denied by Mr. Jobs’ people at Apple.
Hmm… a ninja-style intelligence breach cover-up by the Apple people?

Nonetheless, ran Brian’s story based on my input. is the article.

I think reporter Brian Palmer did a fabulous job of relaying effectively just what I gave him.

As all of us fans of the ninja arts know too well, not all reporters get the story straight when it comes to the ninja.

Bravo, Brian!

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  1. Hee hee! I first saw footage about this early this morning. It delights me that someone actually sought you out as an expert resource. Awesome!

  2. Adaline Askegren says: -#1

    You rock! I am making an attempt to find one thing I disagree about this Apple product, but how do you argue with an ninja expert? LOL… Fantastic job as usually.

  3. Steve Jobs takes a rest.

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