An-shu Visits New York City

Long-time friend of An-shu Stephen K. Hayes, Leo Dokutoshi Pimentel, has established a dojo in NYC. Interested in helping to build a place for To-Shin Do in Manhattan?
A kick-off workshop at a friend’s aikido dojo in Chelsea covered secrets for ninja “unperceived action” in unarmed defense, and a mind & spirit focus “meditation on the move” exercise.
An-shu’s whole family was there for the workshop – Reina & Matt, Marissa, An-shu Rumiko, and An-shu Stephen. We look forward to being available to students more often as this new dojo grows and expands.
Write to or check the NYC-Quest web site for training information and directions.

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  1. It was as always, a privilege to train with An-Shu, his family and so many of his senior students. I learned and got to share a lot in a short time that day.

    My sincerest congratulations to Master Pimentel for his effort to establish To-Shin Do in the New York area.

    Extraordinary people doing great things with great hearts. One cannot ask for better.

    With respect and friendship,

    Kenneth Spassione, Instructor
    Blue Life Karate, Seisuikan Budo, Maplewood, NJ

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