Really Far-Out View of 21st Century Chaos

A friend wrote me and asked my advice. He agreed to let me share our correspondence.

“I am having a lot of difficulty finding my way through some tough times in my life. I am looking for a full time job, pressing on with my martial arts, managing a family crisis, and generally figuring out what I should do with my life as I raise a family. Sometimes I cannot believe all the negative that is coming against me and people I care for. I am tired of stumbling through life, and want to find my truest destiny. I want to be what I should be. I know I can contribute more to the world around me than I do and thrive in doing that, but I do not know how to break through all these things pulling me down. Is there any advice you’d recommend to help me better make my way in this process?”

First, let’s look at where the world is and what we are all dealing with.

This early part of the 21st Century is a time of great agonizing difficulty.

I do not mean to be pessimistic or alarmist. This is just a statement of “what is”.

Some friends who study astrology tell me there is an astrological reality for the planet, just as there is for individuals in the universe. According to planetary astrology, every 2000 years a new age moves in, just like every month a new horoscope symbol moves into human experience. As each new age moves in, there is great upheaval as the old age resists.

Do I personally “believe in astrology”? I cannot really say yes, but I will agree that as the Aquarius age replaces the Pisces age that replaced the Aries age 2000 ago, resistance in the form of natural, cultural, financial, and political upheaval does indeed seem to be strong.

That’s why my friends say there is now so much senseless violence from person to person, nation to nation, and even what looks like nature itself versus humankind. We just have to go through it every 2000 years as the old order fights to hold onto dominance with final vestiges of summoned-up vigor. The fight is futile, of course, but it is nonetheless fierce and it is damaging to all.

Bad times abound, so what to do?

My number one suggestion is to spend as much time as possible around powerful, happy, caring, intelligent, and big-visioned people. Avoid scared selfish people who demonstrate lack of ethics and high tendency to blame others for their self-generated difficulties.

Among the strong and caring people, you will be inspired to discover an opportunity to serve others in this degenerate age. When you go to work in that capacity, having been strengthened by your association with those already happy and strong, you will find your calling.

I suspect that some folks will hear my words as abjectly crazy. Take these thoughts for what they are worth in your life. I really wish everyone the best of lives. May you do great things and help many.

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  1. So very true Anshu!

    The relationships that we create and the interactions that we have with people, both close and ancillary, are tantamount to happiness. The best way to learn to manifest these harmonious and powerful interactions is to surround ourselves by those who consistently manifest them in their lives.


  2. Jacob Bassham says: -#1

    Wonderful perspective!

  3. I’m not sure if this is the answer he was looking for. Ninjutsu is the art of winning, well then tell him the truth, this upheaval about the cosmos and astrology really is such a dogging answer. Sounding philosophical does nothing for his problem. Although it did sound far out it has not real relevance to this problem.

    We have been in chaos and turmoil since the times before Christ, this is nothing new, what is the real answer, do you have one? You know there is no shame to say ” I don’t have the answer to your question”, maybe it will show the human and real side of you, away from all the commercialization of this art.

  4. only problem i have with that is some of the big and strong caring type wanna push there beliefs on ya as well…its truley hard times

  5. Daniel L Dunn says: -#1

    It’s nice to know that I’m not the only one who thinks of things like this.

    It makes excellent sense to learn and utilize support from the good and strong among us no matter what day and age, but even more so when strong social and community associations are hallmarks of the new age of Aquarius.

    Another very wise, inspiring and well timed blog An-shu. Thank you very much.

  6. Just one question sir…where do we find these “powerful, happy, caring, intelligent, and big-visioned people”?

    They seem to be in short supply…

    Mtn Jim

  7. Rick Haberman says: -#1

    Having gone through my own period of internal upheaval, I can only agree with Anshu Hayes and remind you that he is also Sensei…one who has gone before. As such his perspective is worthy of consideration. The wisest advice i had ever been given was to remain true to my own beliefs, even if it meant separation from those I thought cared for me. Only your heart knows what’s right for you and only you can read what is deep in your heart. Others may help guide you to that door, but only you can go in. The “good” will help you get where you’re going. They will not push, pull or influence your path. Listen with your heart to learn who they are.

  8. It’s funny, I wrote about this last summer – we become the company we keep, but we have much more choice now about that company than ever before.

    Here’s the original post, for anyone interested:

  9. Great post Anshu ~

    Let us glean from those around us, the experiences and energies, which not only advances our self, then like you Anshu, learn, grow, sharing this with others that they to may progress.

    Through this reciprocal way much can be given as well as gained.

    Stationed Overseas

  10. A teacher can choose the answer he gives to the student.

    A teacher can give the answer the student wants/expects.
    A good teacher gives the answer the student needs.

    Wich teacher do you prefer?

    I’ve made my choice 🙂

  11. Ken Spassione says: -#1

    An-Shu, you have my sincere thanks for this wisdom. I have reaped the benefit of it already in ways I hadn’t even anticipated when I first learned it. I can and will continue on this path, step by step. It definitely beats the alternative! Peace to all.

  12. I agree Anshu and that is why I have decided to renew my efforts to learn To Shin Do and Ninjutsu. I want to be a protector of those who cannot protect themselves.

  13. Thank you, An-Shu. Deep and wise cultures from around the planet foretold of this time of great struggle, fear and confusion. I see it every day around me, I see it in the news and I see it at work- and no, it is not “just like it ever was.” Just in our time alone, 50’s were prosperous and more predictable, 80’s the same. It’s really different now. We are now looking at financial and governmental systems that no one can trust- and this is global, the selfish, the greedy and the power-hungry escalate their grabs for their desires- and even those negative forces deep inside ourselves struggle to assert themselves. Nature is rebelling against humankind. We see great political polarization, and new orders are increasingly overthrowing old, outmoded and stable ones. Maybe it’s already all changing for the better… I do find support in the few ethical and bright hearts that are in my life, and actively seek them out. Look for what’s real and honest in yourself, true systems and methods, and real friends…

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