Find Your Gift, Live Your Purpose

It is always depressing to see leftover evergreen trees leaning unpicked and neglected in sales lots after Christmas. Each in its own way is a beautiful manifestation of nature that with the right attention and decoration could brighten some family celebration in the cold grayness of year end. But those leftover trees never get to find their glory. They grew for years in sunshine and snow, waiting for this one final moment of purpose, and now it is too late. All was for naught. Yes, I realize those trees are just crops and they do not have conscious feelings, but I am still sad seeing them bound up and ready for the landfill along with our coffee grounds and soiled diapers and used-up appliances. They were there in the lot for a purpose at that special moment in their lives, and life ignored them. What a heart wilting waste, it seems.

I sometimes see people that remind me of those overlooked trees so full of potential. I see a young person with an unimpaired body ready to become vibrantly healthy. I see a person aching with quiet discontent ready to pursue a childhood dream. I see a person bored and lonely ready to serve a great cause and help others. I see them ready to transform. And I see them fail to take action needed to realize their potential because nobody with the capability of guiding them steps in and shows them where to find their power. Nobody picks them.

I was once just like those bare tree people myself, lost and overlooked and so far away from realizing my gift. I was fortunate to find the guides I needed at the right points in my life. I found a martial master willing to show me the secrets of the shadow warriors. I found an Asian spiritual king willing to show me the technology for accessing truest human brightness. I found a resplendent spirit willing to share my battles and breakthroughs as my life partner. I was fortunate to find them as guides in my life, and I take credit for being honest enough to know what I was lacking and brave enough to put myself in position to receive their blessings.

I made a vow 15 years ago to set up a dojo to be there for anyone who saw in my life story a hint of what could be in theirs. Whenever anyone tells me of a difficult road in their life, I say, “Come to Ohio to live and train with me.” My staff and I will demonstrate for you how to find your gift and bring it to blossom in the world. We did it in our lives, and you can do it in yours.

I want to see each and every one of the world’s neglected bare tree people come home to where they shine in a breath-taking radiance of sparkling joy and meaning. Know anyone full of potential but not yet roaring with activated purpose? Push them towards my dojo in Ohio. We are ready to help everyone shine.

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  1. This is So true Anshu Hayes !! May each be able to realize the amazing incredible potential budding within. Know that was how it was over thirty years ago when first entered and training at your dojo. Now, still am learning, both new lessons, even new insights from old lessons made new from an “AHAA” moment of the lesson within the lesson.

    Bless you and your family, may all the Great Forces and Entitles of the Universe be with you and your family as you assist others in realizing they are not leftover tree people, they ARE that glorious living tree shining ever brighter as they grow !!!

    Best Always to You Sir !

    Stationed Overseas

  2. So true,,,devastating effect of tradition and vanity

  3. Omgsh, You sound like my ol’ jewish rabbi, of blessed memory.

    Loved it.
    Thanx for sharing.

  4. Thank you Anshu. Within your words I found the guidance! I am not lost, I need to get in the right direction! And that I have!

  5. Chris CDS from Greece says: -#1

    Sounds like… looking at the past with the eyes of the future in today, not comfortable at all to maintain the balance in life with effort by living on the edge of emotions without patience. Bless you and your family for sharing wisdom. The only thing that comes in my mind is not thank you, its not enough anyway, but cure and lovesong.

  6. Thank you for sharing, you words have touched me.

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