New Hampshire Celebration

An-shu Stephen and An-shu Rumiko Hayes brought their “Nine Cuts – Nine Powers” 2011 teaching theme to Plaistow, New Hampshire, to celebrate the dedication of the Shinobi Martial Arts dojo. Over 70 practitioners gathered to share training with An-shu Stephen and An-shu Rumiko and hosts Dennis Fuutoshi Mahoney, Theresa Murphy, and Darryl Brazee. Guest instructors included Mark Sentoshi Russo from Tampa, Florida, Mark Davis from Boston, Masachusetts, and Ken Savage from Winchendon, Massachusetts.

“Kuji 5 – perceiving the premonition of danger” was the overriding theme, sword was the weapon of focus, and taijutsu instruction included defenses for grappling and power striking. An-shu Stephen K. Hayes recalls, “Was sensing just when to be at just the right spot in action around the seminar? Two days before the weekend and then again two days after, New England was blasted with days of heavy ice and snow that shut airports and brought travel to a halt, and yet the days of our event were beautiful so that those from other states could make it in and out with ease.”

Special congratulations go to Derek Thompson (attending from Los Angeles with mom-to-be Crystal) and Leo Dokutoshi Pimentel of New York, who disappeared like ninja ghosts under An-shu’s descending sword to complete the process of earning 5th Degree Black Belt, and Dennis Fuutoshi Mahoney who received his promotion to 6th Degree Black Belt with endorsement from his teacher Mark Davis.

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  1. It was a great honor for all of us in NH to host this first Nine Cuts – Nine Powers seminar with Mr. and Mrs. Hayes. Everyone is still talking about what a great weekend they had. And once again we must thank An-shu Hayes for the incredible dojo dedication ceremony. We look forward to having them back again next year…but maybe in the spring.

  2. A truly wonderful time. Heart-felt thanks and congratulations to all involved!

  3. Wonderful seminar! This kind of material can only be transmitted in person. I encourage everyone to do what it takes to get to future seminars with An-shu!

  4. Derek and Crystal Thompson says: -#1

    This was an experience to remember. It was the perfect gathering of all my teachers and friends in a very powerful and informative guide through the beginnings of Kuji 5. What an amazing opportunity that I am glad to have been at. I cant thank Anshu stephen and Rumiko Hayes enough for the knowledge that they so willingly shared with all of us over this weekend. Dennis Mahoney ran what seemed from the outside to be a smooth and seamless seminar that went by al to fast. Thank you to all who made this a reality.

  5. Thank you to all I had such a great time.

    Be well and Gassho,

    Ken Savage

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