Winter Quest 2011

An-shu Stephen K. Hayes was in Chapel Hill, North Carolina to teach his most recent “Nine Cuts-Nine Powers” seminar. Students from all over the country gathered to study classical spear technique and unarmed fighting defenses based on principles learned through the spear training examples. The weekend also featured exploration of the Kuji 2 mind science approach to waking up the energy centers of the body. Along with An-shu and Host Hardee Hakutoshi Marritt, guest instructors included Dayton Hombu’s James Kentoshi Norris, Boulder Quest Center’s Mary Aitoshi Casey, Fayettville Elite Martial Arts’ Hakim Intoshi Isler, and Chapel Hill Quest Center’s Mike Dentoshi Ford.
Be sure to check out our May 2011 Private Lesson DVD featuring Hi-Cho-Kaku spear kata from this weekend!

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