Boulder 2011 Seminar Kuji 7

An-shu Stephen and An-shu Rumiko visited the Boulder Quest Center for an exciting, power-building seminar in August 2011. The weekend experience encouraged participants to break through limitations to new potentials through a combination of mind and martial exercises.

The seminar started with a Friday night Dragon Body Ninja Yoga session with An-shu Rumiko. Dragon Body, from Japanese Seitai roots, focuses on energizing and clearing blood, lymph, nerve, and digestive systems.

In addition to taijutsu martial training and instruction in the ninja kuji energy channeling, there were exciting social opportunities. From a private reception with the An-shu at a beautiful location overlooking Boulder to Black Belt demonstrations to a book signing and tsunami relief fundraiser, participants had the opportunity to communicate directly with the An-shu and senior teachers.

Boulder 2011: Kuji 7 Group Photo

Boulder 2011: Kuji 7 Group Photo

The theme for the weekend was Kuji 7: remote viewing of distant times and places. Described as rising above the limitations of time and space, the ninja’s consciousness channeling permits the realization of impressions from other places and times.

The An-shu couple were joined in martial instruction by To-Shin Do instructors Tori Eldridge and Rick Hansen. By combining the experience of the To-Shi with the An-shu expertise, participants received a broadened perspective on ninja training. From ground fighting to remote viewing, the weekend was an immersion into human capabilities.

To learn more about the kuji, make plans to attend Festival 2011: Nine Cuts, Nine Powers in Dayton, Ohio, in October.

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