Iron Phurba Intensive Seminar

What if life were like a dream, and in that dream you forgot how truly powerful you were? What if in that dream you forgot how helpful you could be? What if you forgot how much everyone is counting on you to find your way to authentic power and purity? What if you forgot your duty to find and offer your song?

Iron phurba – black (or green) north karma wind power destroys obstructor enemies for more security. Maybe you find your life invaded by people or groups or situations or conditions that seem to target you specifically and hold you back from what is rightfully yours. You are blocked or impeded by rivals, competitors, jailers, saboteurs, or outright enemies, some identifiable force to conquer and blow away in order for your life to be free to blossom. If your magic iron dagger could eliminate an obstructor, what inner or outer enemy would you banish? If your magic phurba could fly out like an arrow into another’s life, what threat would you eliminate?

This is powerfully significant inner warrior training, rarely found these days where brash outer shell power is celebrated in televised contests for enormous cash prizes. But what if your life is not a contest? What if you have to defeat monsters instead of “opponents”? Please do whatever you can to be part of this important learning event with me at Mark and Helen Russo’s Tampa Quest Center January 18-20, 2013. Special extra private event Saturday night for those who have attended the 3 previous phurba seminars.

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  1. Everyone has the “power” inherently, but some people can actually teach it to others.

  2. Are there any dvd copies of the Iron phurba training available for purchase?

  3. I would be interested if this is offered again.

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