Mountain Quest 2016 Study Notes

Here are some notes from what was taught at Mountain Quest 2016 in Blowing Rock, North Carolina. We took 2 days to cover the material in detail. You cannot “get it” from these notes, but if you were there, these notes will help.


“Middle Scroll Collection of Essential Principles”  中 略 の 巻

DA-SHIN (“Light-touch stir” – checking his action)

  1. Aggressor stabs with a quick piercing right knife thrust.
  2. Shift outside and left; knocking the knife away with your right and then left hands.
  3. Grab his right wrist with your left, catching with the lower fingers of your hand and jamming with your elbow and move the knife away from you.
  4. Punch down or shuto hand edge strike to his trapped right hand with your right fist.
  5. Follow his movement. If he pushes allow your hand to drift back. If he pulls, allow your hand to flow forward. If he circles, move in a straight line to capture his balance. If he moves in a straight line, circle to capture him. Lightly over-accommodate his movement.
  6. Leftward spiral (forward, backward, twisting in place…) with a right omotegyaku wrist twist to take him to the ground on his back.
  7. He may attempt to break your control with a right (front or sideways) kick to your leg. 
  8. Shift to your left and intercept the kick with a right keri kaeshi counterkick to the outside of his right leg.
  9. Continue leftward spiral with a right omotegyaku wrist twist to take him to the ground on his back.
  10. Kick to his head with a left heel stamp.


Kuki Shinden Ryu Dakentaijutsu

Shirabe Moguri Gata Gyaku Nage (“Reverse the Flow”)

“Back in the 1800s, my teacher’s teacher Toshitsugu Takamatsu spent years studying the Kuki family warrior arts in Japan. He then tested his skills in wild and dangerous settings in China in the early 1900s. The Kuki Shinden Ryu taijutsu exercise Gyaku Nage was most likely originally taught as a way to learn to fight an adversary in Japanese samurai armor. That is how my teacher first taught it to me in Japan in the 1970s. But Gyaku Nage can as well be an excitingly modern To-Shin Do reflex exercise in the fluidity of going from cause to effect and new effect to a new cause. If you are a part of our formal training with its belts and diplomas, Gyaku Nage is one of the exercises you will want to master and demonstrate for your To-Shin Do Roku-Dan 6th Degree Black Belt.”

  1. Begin with free tactical movement from the kosei no kamae
  2. He executes a right punch.
  3. Counter with a left forearm hit to the inside of his right arm.
  4. Follow with a chin-ken fingertip spear to the lips. 
  5. He counters by leaning his head back. 
  6. You follow with a right kick to his left knee.
  7. He counters by pulling his left leg further back away from the kick. 
  8. He continues with a left punch to your face.
  9. You counter with a right defensive strike to the inside of his left arm. 
  10. Grab his left wrist with your right hand and throw a left chin-ken strike to his lips. 
  11. He counters with a right defensive strike to the inside of your left arm. 
  12. He sends his right back at you as a chin-ken to the face.
  13. You counter with a left defensive strike inside his right arm. 
  14. Grab his right wrist with your left hand, throw a right chin-ken claw at his face.
  15. Grab him by the lips with your right hand, throw him with a right leg osotogake.

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